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Each month, Michele creates two new painting designs!

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Fancy Flowers

Paint Fancy Flowers

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Learn With Michele

As a professional illustrator I have spent years honing my craft and finding all the short cuts to the best final results possible. Teaching painting parties to thousands of beginners has taught me exactly what challenges beginners face.

I know your struggles and have helped many people overcome their fear of painting.

I can help you too!

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Individual Painting Videos
$32-37 Each
• Individual tutorials taught by Michele, or Michele and Pat.

• One Time Purchase.
• 24/7 lifetime access to your video.
• Color lists and traceable templates (if applicable).
• An optional add-on supply kit, customized for your chosen painting ($20 Add On).
• The best way to paint and become familiar with Art Rave!

Michele’s Inner Circle

$49 Monthly


• Three New Painting Designs each month.
• Unlimited Access to entire Art Rave Video Gallery.
• Off the Easel Technique lesson once a month.
• Watercolor Wednesdays once a month
• Weekly Mini Paintings.
• Monthly Happy Hour / Q&A.
• Inner Circle Private Membership Community.
• Exclusive Discounts.
• Color lists and templates (if applicable).

Get Started with One Painting

Individual Tutorials Make Painting easy!

Choose any painting that inspires you from our entire Art Rave Gallery!

Just $37 Each

Each purchase gives you:

  • A full length video tutorial from start to finish
  • A PDF supply list with reference image
  • A PDF step-by-step set of instructions that you print out to guide you through the entire process
  • If you’re new to painting you can add a supply kit onto your purchase, with everything you need to complete your chosen painting.
  • A PDF of an outline to transfer to your canvas (if applicable)
  • Lifetime access to your video purchase in your own personal Art Rave library (must be logged in)
  • Michele’s Inner Circle


    Ready for more? Join our online community and experience professional guidance, regular painting practice, real art lessons, and more!


    The Inner Circle will help you


    The BEST part of painting with Michele is you can invite family and friends to paint with you, online or in person.

    Learning acrylic painting techniques over the internet has been so much fun. It requires my whole attention so I can “escape” whatever else is going on at the moment.

    I’m very thankful for Michele’s steps. I see that they work and I trust her. I am painting so much better than I ever thought I could! I invited my son and his bride to paint with me several times. It’s fun to get to know my new daughter-in-law in a fun way.

    -Meg Birkelbach

    A Tribute to Pat

    When I started Art Rave in 2012, Pat began as a valued customer. In fact, she was the only customer to sign up for my first Art Rave at Botanic Gardens! Her and I painted there together, and that is where our friendship began. I invited her to join my team of one and the rest is history.

    She supported me through growing my event business, soon became an instructor, and then a designer in my studio. We worked and painted together, planned and plugged away for years.

    She helped me grow Art Rave into the premier wine and painting company in Lake County, Chicago and Wisconsin, and brought so much joy and energy to my studio, our events, and so many people’s lives.

    She was more than my Design partner and Event Manager, she was my best friend.

    In the summer of 2019 she began feeling sick, and in October she was diagnosed with stage 3-4 pancreatic cancer. It was a devastating diagnosis, but we remained optimistic through many months of chemo. We continued to get together as often as possible, sometimes for chemo, often to paint, or we just spent time together puttering around the studio, or her beautiful backyard.

    On July 14, 2020, she lost her battle to cancer. She will forever be mine, and many other people’s angel. Her legacy lives on through her talent that she brought to so many paintings she created for Art Rave, and the countless painting experiences she touched with her beautiful smile.

    I know as I continue to paint and teach through Art Rave, that she is with me, supporting me, cheering me on, looking over my shoulder, and critiquing my paintings!

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