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When you’re a part of the Inner Circle you’ll have the opportunity to learn painting techniques to take your skills to the next level!

Painting is something that brings me joy and fulfills my need for creativity and I want the Inner Circle to do that for you too.

My goal with the Inner Circle is to bring you that same joy and fulfillment no matter your artistic level!

This community is full of artists just like you, learning and growing together! Our live painting sessions and step-by-step video tutorials will help you to bring the paintings to life!

what’s included

3 Live Painting
Join us LIVE on Facebook in
our Private Inner Circle Group
to paint three full-size
paintings each month!
4 Monday
Morning Minis
Join us LIVE on
Facebook to paint four
mini paintings each
Large Video
Unlimited access to the
video library with over
50 paintings to choose
Community of
Our Private Facebook Group is full of inspiration, support, painting tutorials, and everything Inner Circle!
Meetups Online
& In Person
Local meetups in person
and group meetups
2 Off The Easel
Bi-weekly tips and
tutorials that will move
you along your path to
becoming a better
Success Path
No matter what level
painter you are, our
success path will help you
move along your painting
Free Pop Up
Watch as Michele paints
commissioned art, cleans out
her studio, pops in to teach a
new technique, or holds a
holiday event that you can
access for free as a member!

Hear From Our Inner Circle Members

Join Michele’s Inner Circle

I believe that there is an artist in all of us! Why not let the magic of being
part of an Art Rave (and perhaps a glass of wine) bring out the artist in you?

Art Rave is about finding that place where creating art is fun! When you
experience painting in this way you connect with something inside yourself,
as well as the people around you. I want you to take away the belief that
painting can be fun, and, with a little shot of inspiration, anything is