Backyard Birds 4×4 Series


Every bird has a story, especially cardinals! This cardinal has special meaning for me, and I hope you enjoy all three, for the special meaning they might have in your life!

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Whats in the box?

In your Art Rave in a box kit you will get canvas, paints, chalk, template, reference photo, waterproof table cover, paint palette & a video link to watch our instructions!

You’ll Need Supplies!

Your basic Art Rave Kit does not include brushes, aprons or easels. Add on as many as you think you will need.

Want to add additional painters? Just add another kit!

Include another set of basic supplies for someone else to be included in your box.

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Backyard BirdsArt Rave in a Box helps you create the Art Rave experience at home! Relax and unwind, with a glass of wine and your favorite music. Open your box, and all your supplies are right there, perfectly selected, pre-measured, and the exact same supplies that we use to create our paintings. All you need to get is water for your cup! Set up your TV, laptop, or digital viewing device and bring up our step-by-step video (instructions included).

These 3 videos were originally live recordings and have been edited into this fabulous mini-series, for you to paint and create your own little collection! With Michele teaching and painting along with you, you’ll feel like you’re at your own private Art Rave! In just a few sessions, your 4x4 paintings will be complete, and you’ll be amazed at what you just accomplished!

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Dimensions 14 × 14 × 2 in